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What Does Safe Haven Offer?

All services provided by Safe Haven are free of charge and made available through grants, donations, and proceeds from our Thrift Store.
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Safe Haven of Pender, Inc. currently provides safety, food, clothing, shelter, and services to victims of domestic violence in Pender and Duplin counties. Safe Haven meets the needs of crime victims by providing the following services:

  • Emergency shelter
  • 24-hour crisis hotline services
  • Crisis intervention services
  • Case management services
  • Accompaniment (to include court, school, and hospital)
  • Client advocacy (to include court, school, and hospital)
  • Safety plan options and/or referrals
  • Group and individuals empowerment services (adult, children, and youth)
  • Housing and employment referrals
  • Housing transition assistance
  • Community education and awareness presentations
  • Transportation (limited)
  • Ensure staff is trained in Trauma-Informed Care


Safe Haven’s empowerment groups are facilitated by a licensed trauma-informed clinician. Groups are typically held on Monday evenings. Please contact Safe Haven at (910) 259-8989 to participate in a group.

Empowerment groups provide a therapeutic environment, techniques and information to help victims/survivors become stronger and more confident, especially in reclaiming ownership of their lives and rights. 


When a victim is accepted into the shelter, the location is disclosed to him/her, and transportation arrangements are secured. Victims are allowed to bring their private vehicles if doing so does not jeopardize their safety. The shelter is located in a private, secure location and is regularly monitored by local law enforcement. Upon arrival, residents receive a tour of the shelter and any needed personal care items, clothing, and food.

For safety reasons, the shelter enforces a curfew. Residents are provided a Residential Handbook that fully details the shelter and operations.


Victims/survivors can access domestic violence intervention services by calling our crisis line at (910) 259-8989. The Advocate on duty will provide the caller with an immediate intake/assessment to determine needs and provide appropriate services. Services include, but are not limited to:

  • Safety planning
  • Empowerment Support Group
  • Case management appointment with a staff member
  • Emergency financial assistance (including medical prescriptions)
  • Transition assistance (planning and financial assistance)
  • Applicable resource referrals (housing, employment, food, clothing, etc.)
  • Medical/Mental Health referrals

How can someone schedule a visit to meet with a counselor? Who do they contact? To schedule an appointment to meet with a Domestic Violence Victim Advocate, please call our crisis line at (910) 259-8989. An Advocate can also provide referrals to area mental health professionals.

Do you provide a private room to victims?

Each family is provided a private bedroom that consist of two or three beds, dressers, and closet space. There are adjoining rooms to accommodate larger families. Single individuals occupy smaller, two bedroom spaces. Restrooms are communal.

How can someone schedule a visit to meet with a counselor? Who do they contact?

To schedule an appointment to meet with a Domestic Violence Victim Advocate please call our crisis line at (910) 259-8989. An Advocate can also provide referrals to area mental health professionals.


Frequently Asked Questions

Can I bring my animal(s) with me to the shelter?

Safe Haven of Pender, Inc. shelter is not currently set up to accept animals. This is something we are working towards offering in the future. We will assist clients with finding temporary homes for their pets or will help our clients find shelters that do accept animals.

Will you have a room available at your shelter when I'm ready to leave my abuser?

While we are unable to hold rooms; if a room is not available at the shelter we will work with victims to ensure their safety. When ready to leave the abuser an Advocate will discuss safety planning and assist with securing adequate shelter.

How long can I stay at Safe Haven’s shelter?

​Safe Haven of Pender Inc. is a 60-day emergency shelter, but extensions can be requested.

Do you provide or help with: Childcare, jobs, transportation, financial, housing, etc?

Safe Haven assists clients with locating and applying for benefits, housing, childcare, and employment. We provide limited transportation to essential appointments. Safe Haven also provides emergency financial assistance when funding is available.

Will I have to face my abuser in court?

​You will have to face your abuser in court, but there are steps we can take to ensure that you remain safe and that interaction is as limited as possible. You will not have to speak to your abuser.

Safe Haven provides court accompaniment so that clients will have an advocate with them in court, assisting them with the filing of the Domestic Violence Protection Order (DVPO), and/or providing emotional support.

How will a Domestic Violence Protection Order (DVPO) help me?

A DVPO will protect you and your children by preventing the abuser from contacting you through social media, texts, calls, etc. The abuser is also prohibited from contacting any third parties to obtain any information about you. The DVPO prohibits the abuser from showing up at your home, the homes of friends/family, place of employment, your children's daycare/school, or where you attend school. The DVPO will also state that if both parties are in the same area (i.e. grocery store), that then the abuser is to leave immediately.  If they do not, they are in violation of the DVPO.  You will have the right to contact the police and report the abuser. With a DVPO the judge, if he/she sees fit, can grant the victim temporary custody of the children with or without limited visitation by the abuser. The judge can make individualized decisions on the situation at hand.