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Home Sweet Home

Working to provide transitional housing for domestic violence survivors as they build their new lives.
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When we talk about domestic violence, often what comes to mind are the horrifying physical and emotional abuses that victims suffer. But there’s another aspect that often goes unnoticed: the trauma associated with transitioning to life in a new, unfamiliar place. These individuals are leaving environments where they have been trapped, and we want to do everything possible to avoid exacerbating their trauma. We want to empower them to heal and move forward. What if we could create a safe, nurturing space for these victim-survivors? This is where Safe Haven of Pender comes in.

As we embark on this shelter makeover we intend on decorating with Trauma-Informed Design in mind. We have recently had a donation of furniture that is serving as a tremendous launch point. However, we are still in need.

We know a $200,000 goal is a lofty one but it is one we feel is feasible with your help! So in what ways can you help?

  • Financial Donations. Financial donations are always welcome and greatly appreciated.
  • Volunteering Your Time and Skills. Whether it’s helping to paint a room or lending your decorating skills, or simply being there to offer emotional support, your contribution can help transform a victim-survivor’s life.
  • Spreading The Word. Another powerful way to help. By raising awareness about domestic violence and spreading the word to others who may be able to contribute crucial funding for revamping every corner of our shelter.


Our physical environment can impact our emotions and behaviors, both negatively and positively.  They have the ability to increase or reduce our stress.  The spaces in which we live and receive services can communicate safety and promote supportive relationships, or they can symbolize lack of dignity and agency, encouraging re-traumatization.  Trauma-informed design is about integrating the principles of trauma-informed care, as originally established by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) and continually evolving, into design.  The goal is to create physical spaces that promote safety, well-being, and healing.

OUR GOAL = $200,000

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